Venta4Net 2.1

License: Shareware $249
Author: Venta
Language: English
OS: Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003
Publisher: Venta Association

Venta4Net 2.1

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Network fax and voice messaging solution for sending and receiving faxes and voice messages from any networked computer via a modem ( or modems ) installed in the server computer. Single line and multi-line versions available. ..

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Venta4Net 2.1 Description

" 1. Added an ability to create user categories with specific rights. 2. Log archives are now available on the client system. 3. Added an ability to configure successful transmission receipts. ... and many more. " Editor: Venta4Net - Venta4Net is a network fax and voice messaging solution based on the same technology as the well-known single-user VentaFax software and can be used on Windows 98 / ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.

Venta4Net allows sending faxes and voice messages from any networked computer ( client ) via a modem ( or modems ) installed in the single computer ( server ). The connection between clients and the server uses the TCP / IP protocol. Single line and multi-line ( up to 32 telephone lines! ) versions are available.

Four client workstations are supported in the basic installation and can be increased. Each task created by users is transferred to the server and is placed in the schedule. The delivery system processes the schedule and performs the message delivery. Access to the message delivery schedule and logbooks depends on user rights. For privacy purposes, a client may be denied access to view and edit another' s scheduled tasks and / or log book records. Received messages ( depending on settings ) can be addressed to one or several users. User rights determine the actions that a user is allowed to perform when working with the program. User rights also determine the accessibility of specific information. Access to the message delivery schedule and log books depends on user rights.

Public ( accessible to all users ) and personal phonebooks and delivery time masks can be used. The software is compatible with a variety of faxmodems. It supports the additional capabilities of several modems such as caller' s number delivery ( Caller ID ) and distinctive ring service. The time-limited and feature-limited evaluation version of the program is available for testing and studying the interaction between the server and client ends of the program in the local area network as well as for testing the interaction between the program and your faxmodem.

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